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About ExpoLog

Leadership Team


Ken Yablonsky: Founder and Editorial Director

As Editorial Director, Ken oversees all operations and the editorial team, as well as client services. He carefully analyzes the unique needs of every client project to assemble the best team of writers and editors – taking into consideration the unique skill set and mathematic strengths of each member of the team – which in turn ensures the final product is of the highest quality. Ken also has a deep understanding of both the content and production sides of curriculum development. Clients trust him to help identify and solve issues or predict the impact editorial or marketing decisions may have on the logistics of developing an entire program.

Prior to founding ExpoLog (formerly Yablonsky Communications) in 2011, Ken was Editorial Director for 10 years at MathQueue, Inc., a mid-sized editorial services firm where he oversaw all staff and client deliverables and managed the firm’s bandwidth. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Education and taught mathematics at the high school level for 10 years before moving into curriculum development. He also has a passion for developing and mentoring youth outside the classroom as demonstrated by what he spends time on in his free time: He’s coached sports at all grade levels – from first grade through high school Varsity – and holds various leadership positions within youth sports organizations including serving on the board of the state of Ohio’s Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) program. He also is chair, board of directors, for a Teen Center that offers after-school and community service programs. His personal mission is to help young people to excel in education and to build young adults’ character and leadership skills via the valuable life lessons offered through sports and after-school programming.

Emily Herrmann: Editorial Lead

Emily has spent her entire career in mathematics curriculum development and has worked on projects for nearly every major publisher in the industry. Clients benefit from her breadth and depth of experience with every type of math program. She is a writer and editor and, as Editorial Lead for ExpoLog, is responsible for working with other team members on project start-up and ensuring adequate quality control measures are used before turning work in to clients. Emily has a bachelors’ degree in Mathematics and Information Technology. She also tutors students in all levels of math, including ACT preparation, and has coached junior high and high school girls sports teams for more than a decade. She applies the insights about unique learning styles she has gained from these activities to her curriculum writing career as well.

Donna Martinsen: Editorial Lead

Donna’s teaching experience had her sharing the joys of Algebra, Trigonometry, Consumer Mathematics and Computer Programming with high school students. She has also taught and tutored at the middle school level and has a bachelor’s degree in Math Education with certification in grades 7-12. She transitioned to mathematics curriculum development in 2004. Her passion for using creativity and real-life applications in her writing, examples and questions is a great asset to every project she leads. She is a writer, editor and Editorial Lead – responsible for working with other team members on project start-up and ensuring adequate quality control measures are used before turning work in to clients.

Dawn Ficorilli: Editorial Lead

Dawn began her career in software development as a design analyst and project manager for 10 years. She also taught high school math including Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus for 5 years. Her experience with mathematics curriculum development began in 2007. She is a writer and editor and, as Editorial Lead for ExpoLog, is responsible for working with other team members on project start-up and ensuring adequate quality control measures are used before turning work in to clients. Dawn has a bachelors’ degree in Mathematics and a master’s degree in secondary education with licensure for grades 7-12. Dawn also tutors students in junior high and high school math as well as ACT preparation. She uses her experiences from the classroom and tutoring to add value to her curriculum writing.



ExpoLog is committed to delivering the highest quality math editorial services.

Planning and project management expertise

  • We commit to quick onboarding.
  • Our staffing model enables us to take on projects of any size. But we also monitor our bandwidth and don’t take on more than we can deliver while maintaining our high standards.

Proven workflow and quality assurance process

  • Every deliverable is reviewed by a team member other than the original writer before it is submitted to the client.
  • Higher quality first pass work results in time savings, which in turn achieves cost savings for clients.

Cost savings due to efficient staffing model

  • ExpoLog has a core team of math writers/editors/project managers and a large pool of contractors, enabling us to put together a custom writing team based on the unique needs of each project.
  • Clients benefit from the cost efficiency of this model due to low overhead. It also enables us to efficiently manage large-scale projects.
  • All of ExpoLog’s curriculum writers specialize in math.
  • Diversity of skill-set produces a higher quality product for clients. Our pool of math experts includes:
    • Elementary/middle school math teachers
    • High school math teachers
    • Math curriculum development experts
    • Individuals with experience teaching intervention strategies

Our Services

Mathematics Editorial Services:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Production reviews
  • Cold reads and answer checks
  • Project management
  • Scheduling
  • Storyboarding
  • Prototyping
  • Technical art
  • Correlations

Types of Projects:

  • Student content lessons
  • Exploratory discovery-based activities
  • Animated online lessons
  • Game development
  • Manipulative kit projects
  • Scope and sequence development
  • Workbook supplements/other ancillaries
  • Teacher guide content
  • Performance task items
  • PARCC/Smarter Balance assessment items
  • Direct entry of online assessments into CMS systems
  • ExamView bank items
  • Software-generated assessments
  • Quick studies
  • Correlations
  • Competitive analyses
  • Technical art

Our Work


Completed a full solution manual for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Worked directly in their CMS system. Have worked on many of the components of the Reveal program including student, teacher, and ancillary content.


Wrote and edited their Math Centers project. Also compiled the table of contents and scope and sequence for the project. Have worked on many of the VersaTiles titles as well - writing and editing. 


Completed correlations for many of the titles in their K-12 school product lines including those for Big Ideas Learning and the Larson series. 

Bar Charts

Wrote and edited a variety of study guides for the retail market. Topics are mainly secondary and post-secondary. 


Provided support for a full gamut of math projects ranging from elementary to middle school to high school - student content, teacher content, ancillary work, support materials. Work included writing, editing, page proof and project management. 

Tabula Rasa

Provided writing and editorial support for various math projects.

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